Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Uncertain Future of Anglicanism in a Nutshell

I'm often asked privately why I don't spend much time commenting on the present crises threatening the Anglican Communion or making predictions about the future of Anglicanism. Well, I'm about to break my relative silence with a thesis so simple that even the most the hardline "reasserter" or hard-core "reappraiser" can understand it.

My thesis is this: Both Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria and Presiding Bishop-elect Jefferts-Schori are poised and prepared to "walk apart" from the rest of the Communion, but only one of them needs to. If Akinola stands firm for the Communion then Schori and company will be forced to walk apart. If Akinola and company bolts, then Schori can rest easy. The first is a victory for Anglican catholicity; the second will effectively end the Anglican Communion experiment, which, in the eyes of many, will have proven to have been nothing more than a collection of protestant sects.

As for me, I'm content to reside in a diocese under a Windsor compliant bishop.


Brett said...

I'm interested in what your thoughts are on a proposed "two-tiered" Communion..

Indeed, it seems as if nobody desires Windsor Compliancy.. except from the "other guy".

The reality is that a large portion of ECUSA, Nigeria, and The Network have all chosen to reject Windsor and "walk apart".

I did look up your Bishops response to GC06 and have to say that it is unfortunate that folks like him seem such a minority. A model of consistent Windsor compliance, the only example I know of..

meanwhile PB. Schori is not.

Msybe we all need to start invoking St. Athanasius...


lexorandi2 said...

I don't see why so many characterize this as a "two-tier" plan? "Opt-in" implies only one other option: "opt-out." There is no "opt-partially-in" choice available. That there will be those who will opt-out is certain. That there would continue to be a natural affection for and familial resemblance to those who opted-out by those who opted-in I would hope to be the case.