Friday, July 21, 2006

The Foolishness of John Hagee

"The Jews have no greater enemy than Christian Zionists."

--Recent comment from my friend, Mark Talley

See Pastor John Hagee spearheads Christians United for Israel

Also see Israpundit


Johnny! said...

Every time we drive by his Church in San Antonio I shake my fist and yell, "False prophet!"

Dispys are funny. Tragically, but funny anyway. I bet when the recent unpleasantness began he soiled himself.

Can I say that here? I know this blog is pretty highbrow...

lexorandi2 said...

Do you mean you wonder if he shat himself? No, you may not use such euphemisms on this blog!

Ol' Butterball (as may clan is fond of calling him) is funny to watch on TV. As I said in another forum, if I didn't know better I would have thought that his schtick on the tube was a parody or spoof.