Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Church of Nigeria and the Anglican Communion: a dire prediction

Father Jones makes a dire prediction about the designs of the Church of Nigeria over at The Anglican Centrist, and I think he may be on to something. Cruise on over to his blog for the details.

--Yet another biretta tip to Brett over at Pennsylvanian-Anglican


Brett said...

I was a major supporter for a Nigeria-centric realignment up until a couple of months ago.. now, I can no longer say that I am.. my enthusiasm has taken a dip pretty quickly. The more I think about it..the more it dawns on me that Anglicanism would not be saved at all..but rather replaced by a confessional presbyterian federation that insists on praying only in 17th century english.

So what is the remedy for what currently ails Anglicanism..I have no idea, to be honest. i just know it isn't this..

There don't seem to be any easy answers..but somehow I remain passionate about Anglicanism.

anOther Jeff said...


While I too believe that the new Conservative Anglican body which seems to be taking shape through the efforts of Abp Akinola is not going to be a "saving" of Anglicanism, but it's replacement by something decidedly different, I wonder if you are correctly understanding the reference to the "39 Articles of Religion and the 1662 Ordinal". As I read that, it doesn't say that you have to "pray in 17th Century English" but only that the theology of Ordination to the Deaconate, the Priesthood, and the Episcopate, is to be the theology of the 1662 Ordinal. I believe that is what the term "Ordinal" means, and that the term Ordinal was used in this context to limit the reference to that portion of the 1662 prayerbook which contains the ordination services.

Pax Christi,

Jeff said...

I am not so sure that they would ask for a confessional federation either. But, there will be some markers of who is in and who is out. Heck, those exist right now of who is in and who is not in within the Anglican Communion. It seems to me that this 'conservative' group would gladly open the door to Anglo-Catholics like +Iker's FW diocese or the other Traditionalists around the world. It will be inclusive in that sense and they are smart enough to make that offer.

The concern for many here in England I think is the influence that ++Akinola has around the world. Whatever anyone may think about his tactics, when he speaks the world listens. That influence enough is to lend one to put the brakes on the ship's direction but only time will tell. HIs moral voice is making a big splash in the River Anglicana.

I am like the rest of those who would write here: I am not keen towards a 'confessional subscriptive' Anglicanism. I am much more catholic than that. We won't have to wait long, I suppose, for the news. I imagine things will start moving along at a pretty good click.