Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ephraim Radner's response to Matt Kennedy

The guys over at the Anglican Communion Institute (ACI) are absolutely brilliant. Follow this link to check out Ephraim Radner's timely and excellent response to Stand Firm's Matt Kennedy.


David Terwilliger said...

I read the response and the previous ones as well and I fail to see it as helpful. There are too many ECUSA Bishops that have and will again sign up for any measure of "unity" but then in practice go and break those bonds by evil actions. What I hear the ACI suggesting will have the same effect as resolution B033 - it won't be enforced. If GC06 proved anything, it demonstrated that "Windsor compliant" or "Windsor-Framework compliant" non-Network Bishops have spearheaded the duplicity of proclaiming "unity" while ripping apart the church with exercising their ministries under the aegis of false-teachings. If ACI thinks they can sanitize that poisoned well in the suggested manner, then I believe they have not a grip on the situation at the ground level. It is the problem of those seeking an academic response to a pastoral problem that requires discipline.
Furthermore, I see the ACI completely overlooking and failing to address certain dioceses request for APO. Some, though not all, of these diocese HAVE TO DO THIS if they wish to keep or achieve Apostolic Fellowship. Mrs. Schori cannot be their pastor and they must find a solution that can re-tether them into Apostolic leadership. ACI's silence about this issue leads me to believe that they may think that in order to get "something" they are prepared to give up (at least for others) something else. The problem is that what they may be willing to sacrifice may effect the very nature of being able to make any claim to being part of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. That is an immediate pastoral problem that must be addressed and the only way that I can see is through the declaration of another Province.

lexorandi2 said...

Hi Dave,

What would be accomplished in the unilateral declaration of a new province, except the further fragmentation of the Communion? That wouldn't be discipline, but rather further disintegration.

Frankly, I can only understand the call for APO from those dioceses that do not ordain women. They at least have a theological rationale for such a call. The call for APO from dioceses that do ordain women (and recognize women bishops) smacks of Donatism.

Besides, in the end, the call for APO only plays into the hands of the revisionists by implicitly recognizing Dr. Jefferts-Schori's office as something that it really is not (i.e., primatial).


Anonymous said...

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