Thursday, August 24, 2006

Russian Church offers support to American bishops

This is incredible.

P.S. Biretta tip to Kendall over at T19.


Laura said...

Dr. Dunlap,

Did you read Bishop Duncan's response to the Metropolitan? It will be interesting to see if women's ordination will be a deal-killer. Would not WO be a an example of "secular liberal political and philosophical ideas" changing "the Apostolic Tradition and the understanding of New Testament texts guarded by this Tradition?"


lexorandi2 said...

Yes, I thought it was strange that Duncan included some remarks on WO. Certainly the Russian Orthodox Church already knew that the TEC ordains women to the priesthood, and that Ft. Worth, San Joachin, and Quincy are the exception, not the rule. So to raise the issue is like throwing a wet towel on a very magnanimous gesture on the part of the Orthodox.

I don't get the impression that the Metropolitan was offering anything more than moral support and expressing his commitment to continue dialogue with that part of TEC that hasn't completely abandoned the apostolic way. So I'm not sure what "deal" there is to break.

That being said, if I were the Metropolitan I would be insulted by Duncan throwing WO in my face.

My regard for the Network continues to wane...

Marshall said...

We need to remember that at times Duncan has shown a rather broad interpretation of those whom "Pittsburgh leads." So, he has intimated that many of the Common Cause colleagues might come together - under Network leadership. With that perspective, he might imagine as much responsibility to be clear on the fron end as to accept moral support.

That said, I would fear Russia to be a weak reed. The rhetoric between the ROCOR, OCA, and Russian hierarchies in the Western Hemisphere, as well as regarding Greek bodies, is frequently vitriolic. In addition, they have shown a sense of connection to Russian culture that has caused them to challenge other Christian movements in Russia. Ecumenical conversations might, I suppose, happen. That's a long way from any real movement toward communion.

Mark said...

The Metropolitan spoke of establishing a "relationship", a term with just enough ambiguity to keep you guessing. In any event, the magnanimity of such a gesture is not at all unique: remember how Benedict XVI stood in public support of the Network a few years back in Plano ? But no one considered that a move towards sacramental communion.

I have to wonder just how informed the Metropolitan is concerning the Network. It strikes me as odd that he desires a "relationship" between the ROC and the Network, knowing how heterodox the latter is.