Saturday, August 19, 2006

College Football "Sweet 16" Meme

He doesn't know it yet, and he certainly didn't intend to do it, but my friend Doug just started a College Football "Sweet 16" meme. Cruise on over to see Doug's Sweet 16 and compare it to mine (yeah right, as if I know what I'm doing!). Here are the AP's Top 25.

Here's my list of how I think the season will finish:

1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. West Virginia
4. USC
5. Texas
6. Auburn
7. Florida
8. California
9. Florida State
10. Michigan
11. Notre Dame
12. Oklahoma
13. Louisville
14. Penn State
15. Iowa
16. Georgia

P.S. - I tag any blogging college football fan who reads this.


Joseph said...

Where is the Alabama Crimson Tide????? Roll, Tide, Roll!!!

lexorandi2 said...

I'll put them at Number 17, just for you, Joseph.

I think the USA Today Poll has the Tide somewhere in the top 25 (24 I think).

Jeff said...

How in the world can you NOT have the Florida Gators in there? Come on, I'm in the UK an still cheer for them from here as I listen to the games on line! I usually get the games on TV sent to me from the best man in my wedding.

lexorandi2 said...

You know, you're absolutley right. I don't know how I missed them in my figuring. I'm gonna have to re-think my list.

P.S. I guess I wanted PSU in there so badly that I sacrificed a critical spot. But seriously, I don't know how I missed Florida.

P.P.S. I hate Florida teams in general. But I do like the Gators better than the 'Noles or the 'Canes.

lexorandi2 said...

Okay, I made a few adjustments. I sacrificed Miami. They feature pretty low in the pre-season polls anyway, and that is a small price to pay to have Penn State in my list.

Florida's in, and so is Iowa. I knocked out Virginia Tech.

dmartin said...

Florida may not be in the top 16 by season's end... they have a brutal schedule. That's why I put them no. 13.

lexorandi2 said...

Doug, I'm gonna rethink this whole line up over the weekend when I have time to check out schedules in more detail. I'm still mystified that you have WVA at number uno.

dmartin said...

There is NOBODY on WVU's schedule that can beat them except Louisville... they have a very favorable schedule. The only question is can they beat a quality opponent (ie the No.2 team) in the Championship Game. I say they can because they will be healthier by not going through a brutal Big 10 or SEC schedule. They will be the only undeafeted team at the end of the year, so they have to (by default) play for the trophy. That is my thinking. If I had to say who the best team is in the nation... well that might be different, but taking into consideration scheduling, the Mountaineers have the inside track.

dmartin said...

I have already laid out how difficult Ohio State's road is. Florida has a tough road to hoe. Auburn has a young defense and has to play Ark, Ga, Fla, LSU, and Bama, which is no small task. Notre Dame has to make it out of the early schedule of Ga Tech, Penn St, Mich, Mich St. and Purdue all in a row. USC will not make it thru their schedule without a loss. Oklahoma is in real trouble now with the throwing the QB off the team. Texas has a new QB, so they will slip up, too. Who's left? You guessed it, easy schedule WVU!!!

Michael Joseph said...

I have LSU at #1, Ohio State #2, California #3, and Pittsburgh, against all odds, will sneak into the top 15.

dmartin said...

Pitt will NEVER make it into to the top 25 this year. They may not have a winning record... just kidding. But seriously, they will be either the 3rd or 4th best team in the weak, weak, weak big East.

multi-site anglican said...

Glad to see the Bucks No. #1!!!! This means that Texas has a lot to worry about when the Scarlet and Grey decend upon "The Republic". We will see you all in Arizona for the National Championship this year!!! OH ---- IO !!!!