Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Real War is Trinitarian

A long time ago I stated that the real war out there was Trinitarian, not the Bible and certainly not sex, which are but proxy wars. Think of the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan (in the 80s), Nicaragua -- all proxy wars of the Cold War. Proxy wars still need to be fought. They are like moves in a game of chess, but the real war isn't over and won until checkmate. Unless we keep our eye on the real war, we may be distracted and make a wrong move to protect the wrong chess piece and end up losing the whole game. GAFCON appears to be poised to make a wrong move.

If GAFCON results in two distinct communions, neither of which are recognizably Anglican, then at that point the Anglican "knight" on the chessboard will have been extinguished, and many Anglican Catholics will be off to fight the Trinitarian war alongside the Roman "queen."


Derek the ├ćnglican said...

I definitely agree that sex is a proxy war. I wonder about the Bible (unless the Real War is hermeneutical practice). But I'm rather confused with the Trinitarian especially in relation to the chessboard metaphor. If there are two sides, why would it be problem to be playing alongside the Romans?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize I came across as saying that it would be a problem to play alongside the Romans. That wasn't my intention. My chess analogy can only be stretched so far (alas, the nature of analogies :-). My intention was to say that GafCon has positioned the "knight" on the board in a vulnerable position. Depending on their next move, the knight (Anglicanism) could very well be vanquished. Anglican Catholic "squires" at this point will no longer have a knight to attend, and will rush to serve the "queen."

Third Mill Catholic said...

BTW - that was my "anonymous" comment above.