Friday, June 29, 2007


Not exactly breaking news...but for those readers who may not have heard, Fr. Al Kimel of Pontifications is now retiring from the blogosphere. Read his departing entry here.

Here is an excerpt:

Becoming Catholic has brought many blessings, but it has not healed the sorrows of my heart. Indeed, in some ways it has intensified these sorrows. But this is all very private. All I need say is that I often find them overwhelming. God is silent. I am reduced to silence.

I think many of us can relate to this on some level. I know that I can. Fr. Al, you will be missed.


dmartin said...

This is sad, very sad. I do understand his despair. I guess I still believe there is hope. I'm not sure he has any. Blessing on Fr. Alvin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I believe Fr. Al said in leaving Episcopalianism it was either Catholicism, Orthodoxy. or agnosticism. Since Rome hasn't cured his woes, I doubt agnosticism will cure his wounds. Is Fr. Al considering an Eastward move, as his longtime friend is Fr. Stephen Freeman? Notice his previous post, critiqueing western liturgical variations in light of Eastern criticisms.

Fr. Al withstood a vigorous beating recently from Perry Robinson and other Orthodox bloggers. It may have taken its toll.