Saturday, January 19, 2008

For those who need proof...

...that I'm still alive, here is a photo of my recent ordination.


wyclif said...

Congrats. But weren't you ordained priest already, years ago?

Third Mill Catholic said...

In view of the Declaration of Principles (REC & FCE) and the Articles of Religion as revised by the Free Church of England, I would have to admit that, no, I was not ordained a priest years ago. I was ordained presbyter in the Free Church of England in 1995, a group whose revision of the historic Articles of Religion is binding. Article XXXV "Of Apostolical Succession" declares the doctrine "has no foundation in Scripture and is productive of great mischief."

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Hey, where is the gray in your goatee(sp?)? I have more gray in mine than you do and I am much younger. Your looking good.

Joseph Patterson

Anonymous said...


It is great to see you in a chasuble!

The Diocese of Texas is blessed to have you.

Alas, I too have more gray in my beard than you do. It must be all that health food down there in Houston.

Bob Hackendorf

liturgy said...

I see you did doctoral studies in liturgy.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the blog!

I spent last night reading many of your posts, especially those that touched dogmatics.

There is something I have been thinking, about what you wrote about why you are an Anglican, and why you don't become an Orthodox.

There is this Greek saying. Plato is a friend, but the greatest friend is Truth. People get raised in various cultures. There are many devout people in the world, in all religions. We all are fond of the culture we have been raised into, of our language, of our customs, of our way of life. This should not be at a cost towards Truth though.

To be in a communion where the Faith you confess as the Faith of the Christian Church is not the requirement for communion, to be in communion with people who legitimately confess all sort of different faiths than the one you confess as the Apostolic Faith, sounds very strange to me, to say the least.

I apologize for the critique.