Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great Discussion on Anglicanism

Check out the discussion over at Per Caritatem. Cynthia Nielsen's educated "outsider" perspective is refreshing and the overall quality of her blog attracts quality commentators. Would that the mainstream Anglican blogs were as constructive and as civil! You won't be disappointed.

By the way, I've been taking some time off in Central Pennsylvania (visiting my parents) before heading off to Pittsburgh for an ATS self-study workshop this coming weekend. Then I'm driving (yes, DRIVING) back to Texas in a car that my parents are giving to us. So I won't be back in the saddle for another week. Keep me in your prayers as I travel across the country.


Daniel McClain said...

Thanks for pointing your readers to our discussion over at Per Caritatem. I'm glad you've joined in as you can hopefully bring some more Episcopal perspective to the issue, as my expertise on Anglicanism is often times sorely lacking. It is an important conversation, I think. Thanks for the compliment, too.


axegrinder said...

Dr. D,

I will be in Houston Friday and Saturday and would be interested in sitting down for coffee at your convenience.

please email me at jasonkranzusch [at] hotmail [dotcom]

Brett said...

Hoping all is well, Dr. Dan. Haven't seen or heard anything from ya for awhile now.

Don't be taking any dips in the Tiber now, ya' hear? :-)