Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Progressives and Integrists" by Hans Urs von Balthasar

The last sentence is the money statement...

They are either fanatically "come of age" (the progressives) or fanatically immature (the integralists who clamor for the tangible exercise of papal authority and elevate to the status of dogma things that are not, such as Communion on the tongue and all kinds of apparitions of the Mother of God, etc). Just as the fanatics who insisted on the soli of the Reformation were condemned, by an iron law of the philosophy of history, to bring about the very opposite of what they intended and thus fall prey to the schizophrenia of dialectics, so today the elements on the fringe of Catholicism, progressivism and integralism, are forever metamorphosing into each other, dialectically provoking each other into existence.

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Deep Furrows said...

Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph (MO) is proof of this. It's both the U.S. headquarters of the SSPX and the place where the National Catholic Reporter is published. ~Fred