Sunday, June 04, 2006

Anglican Futures: Post GC-2006

Here's an interesting article at Stand Firm on Anglican Futures:

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Marshall said...

While this is a recent post, I believe Kennedy has published this before elsewhere; certainly, it sounds familiar. I believe it was originally published before the report of the the Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

I think this set of probabilities is making an assumption that I think is not proven: that there is consensus, even among those who disagree with the Episcopal Church, as to what it means to "comply with Windsor." Since the Windsor Report was issued, a great deal of ink has been spent on interpretations of that it "really" means, or "what the Primates expect." However, I think there's more disagreement than is acknowledged. After all, the Windsor Report describes itself as the beginning of a process, as way to "maintain as much communion as possible." It certainly does not describe itself - and even the Dromantine statement does not describe it - as a warning in preparation for punishment.

So, if the Report of the Special Commission meets - and I think it exceeds in most cases - the plain text of the Windsor Report, how then shall a primate or a province decide that it is insufficient? Granted, some will act, based on opinions that probably have already been expressed. But that will not demonstrate that the Episcopal Church has "failed to comply with the Windsor Report," except in those particular interpretations.