Friday, April 07, 2006

Karl Rahner on the Future of Christianity in the Post-Vatican II Era

The Church is always in the flux of history, not on the motionless bank, but in this movement God's eternity is present with it, his life, his truth, his fidelity. Consequently the Church has less reason than any other historical reality to fear its historical character. For the current of history does not carry it to the shore of death but to eternal life. The Church can and must, therefore, have the courage to change by adapting the eternal which it possesses ever anew and more and more to its needs. (Karl Rahner, The Christian of the Future, p. 35)

I post this quote because it captures what I envision to be the humble enterprise of this blog, and to give my friends and other readers a glimpse of the very personal journey that I have been on now for quite some time.

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